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It has never been so easy to clean your toilet

We have created Peppy Brush to improve the daily routine for all of us. We have started by using quality materials for enhancing the life cycle of the product and also we have used best in class technology for all the parts to work seamlessly.

  • Peppy Brush Toilet Cleaning System includes ergonomic handle, aluminum body with detergent reservoir and sprinkler, high-quality polymer plastic detachable brush.
Peppy Brush
  • The reservoir is easy to fill in and refill bottle last for 80 days.
  • The detergent is specially created for the Peppy Brush Toilet Cleaning System, it has a special viscosity that let the system working seamlessly, without any clogging.
  • The ergonomic handle includes a steady aluminum reservoir for patented detergent that, once sprinkled, sanitizes and perfumes the toilet bowl.
  • The smell of the lilac perfume, known as being most effective in eliminating odors, will keep your bathroom fresh for all day.
  • Designed for efficiency, the revolutionary toilet brush with sprinkler, Peppy Brush, cleans better while saving cleaning products, saves water and time and pollutes less.
  • The brush is detachable, easy to take out and replace and the high-quality polymer plastic enhance the life cycle up to 3-4 months.
Peppy Brush
  • The reservoir holds enough cleaner liquid especially created for Peppy Brush with carefully balanced viscosity and lilac perfumes, very effective in eliminating odors. One spray is enough to keep the toilet clean. The refill bottle lasts for 80 days. Soon on the market refill bottle 1000 ml for 160 days.
  • The stiff bristles are ideal for scrubbing tough stains and follows the toilet contour, reaching under the rim with ease.
Peppy Brush
  • Because we care for your comfort all the parts and are easy to handle and to replace.
  • Designed for efficiency, Peppy Brush with it’s sleek and flawed design looks good in any bathroom.
Peppy Brush
  • The cover conveniently stores the toilet brush when not in use, keeping it hygienic and discreetly hidden.
Peppy Brush

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